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Dneprodzerzhinsk’s Centre of Training and Future Training of Working Staff . Address: Medichna street, 2.Dnieprodzerzhinsk, Dnepropetrovsk region.Ukraine.phone:05692 3-32-65 The centre works on inculcation of new producing technologies in trade and restaurant service. Creation and innovation are effective instruments of inculcation of new producing technologies. We forming a competence, an approachability, develop independence, creative ability, professional responsibility, ability to cooperation in our pupils. We guarantee modern approach to studies high professional preparation , unforgettable pupil’s years and adaptation our graduates to producing condition. We hold the monitoring of necessity skilled workers in region. We realize creative ideas, light up pedagogical obtains in various professional competitions, take active part in exhibitions. We make our future ourself! Director - Donchenko Irina Leonidivna.

The centre prepares such specialists:
• Cook, confectioner
• Seller, cashier
• Attendant
• Book-keeper
• Tailor
• Hairdresser(barber)
• Waiter, barmen, bartender