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From 11.03. to 14.03.2014 the week of economic sciences and consumer protection was held in DPTE "Dnieprodzerzhinsk CTRL".

During the week of economic sciences the Center for the following event were held at the Centre:
11.03.2014 - Thematic lesson " Consumer Protection in Ukraine ":
- Lecture - presentation " Consumer rights and my profession - barber";
- Role play "The Way to Wealth."
Teacher of economic subjects Rudenko O.P.

11.03.2014 The competition for the best collage picture "What we eat?" Trade and commercial direction; Senior Master Buyan A.V.

12.03.2014r. Informative and educational time for students, " Introduction to Consumer Protection in Ukraine through Internet resources ." Methodist O.A. Tsyhanok

12.03.2014r. Roundtable:
- The student presentation " Why do we need economic knowledge?";
- Discussion of the chosen topic.
- Video - regional training of the workshop section teachers of economic subjects.
Teacher of economic subjects Rudenko O.P.

13.03.2014. Discussion on the topic: "Advertising: information or persuasion?" Teacher of economic subjects Malysheva L.P.

13.03.2014. School- Conference "I am a consumer, but I do not know my rights." Lesson- presentation of "Money. Functions of money”.

Teacher of economic subjects Rudenko O.P.

Lecture on the topic "Consumer Protection in Ukraine". The questions:
1. What rights do consumers have in Ukraine?
2. How to use your consumer rights?
3. How to protect your consumer rights?
4.What is necessary to remember to the customer?
The educational film "In matters of consumer protection ."
Teacher of Information Technology Umerenko O.V.

14.03.2014. Exhibition of Economic Literature (the consult of a librarian and a teacher of economic subjects). Librarian Virh T.I.

14.03.2014. Questioning: "Do you use your consumer rights?" Teacher of economic subjects Malysheva L.P.